“I am very much impressed with your material….What I like about your resources are – the Canadian content, the well presented information (page layout, font size), the well-developed grammar exercises,  and that you explore many writing problems that our learners have difficulty conquering.  As instructors in the academic upgrading field, we simply do not have enough resources.”

Kevin Delorey, Instructor
Northern Lakes College
Gift Lake, Alberta

“We purchased one copy of your With One Stone A.B.E. Grammar Series and think it is marvelous.  Thanks for developing this material.”

Sally Nystrom 

“ Another teacher and I were so impressed with the series that I thought I would let Literacy Partners of Manitoba know about the material.”

 Heidi Cauvin

“According  to the authors, the With One Stone series is intended to be used as a teacher-directed guide and/or as a self-learning grammar instruction instrument. One is naturally suspicious when a text is touted as supporting two obviously quite different learning situations in the same breath. Surprisingly the authors appear to have accomplished the seemingly impossible in this regard…….I found the material easy to work from…..It is probably best suited for instrumental instruction at late-beginning or intermediate ESL levels……Recommended.  Give With One Stone two thumbs up!”

Dough Hierlihy in “ESL Critique, With One  Stone” Nov. 1997.