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Are you frustrated in your efforts to find material that is relevant, suitable, and effective for teaching grammar to your Adult Literacy students? After years of making up exercises to supplement what was available, we finally decided to publish our own material for teaching grammar. Because we also found that many of our students knew little or nothing about Canada - even if they were born here - we decided we would give the material a very definite Canadian slant. Our examples and exercises would teach grammar, but they would also teach about Canada. Hence the title -- WITH ONE STONE.

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You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the sample pages available below.  This is free software which requires very little space and will do no harm to your computer.  Click on the links and, if your computer will not open them, click this button to download the free Acrobat Reader. 

Table of Contents Sample exercise
Unit 1.1 - Sentence Basics Click here! Click here!
Unit 1.2 - Sentence Problems Click here! Click here!
Unit 2.1 - Sentence Types, part 1 Click here! Click here!
Unit 2.2 - Sentence Types, part 2 Click here! Click here!
Unit 3    - Sentence Mechanics Click here! Click here!
Unit 4    - Refining Sentences Click here! Click here!

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