Lake-Placid Scenery for Condor Flight Simulator

This scenery is not quite complete but is quite useable. Two versions are available, one based on Landsat imagery and one based on Google-Earth/Maps (GEM) imagery. (More information...)

The Landsat version is based on 2048x2048 pixel resolution tiles, while the GEM version is based on 4096x4096 pixel resolution. Condor can support variable resolution in one scenery. One of the 25 tiles in the GEM scenery, the one for the Lake Placid Airport area, has a resolution of 8192x8192.

Because of the lower resolution, the Landsat file size for downloading is 1/4 the size the GEM version.

Sample view of the Landsat imagery (click image for larger view).

Sample view of the GEM imagery (click image for larger view).

Downloading the scenery

You can download the Landsat version or the GEM version or both as desired. The scenery files are available in separate files, a common "Base" file, the Landsat imagery file and the GEM imagery file. You need to download the base file and one imagery file.

The Base File V0.2 has a size of 10 Mbytes.

The Landsat V1.1 File has a size of 50 Mbytes.

The GEM V1.1 File has a size of 230 Mbytes.

The files have to be installed in the Condor\Landscapes folder. First, UnZip each file, and then drag the un-zipped LakePlacid folder into the Condor\Landscapes folder. Then, in the folder Condor\Landscapes\LakePlacid, double-click the Landsat.bat file icon, or GEM.bat as appropriate to set-up the imagery.

To select the scenery, the appropriate batch file must be executed to select the desired imagery. Double-click on the Landsat.bat icon to select the Landsat imagery, or double-click on the GEM.bat icon to select the GEM imagery as desired. You must do this once after installing the imagery. You can swap between imageries as desired by selecting the appropriate batch file at any time.

Downloading sample flight plan

A sample flight plan for a task around Lake Placid.

The flight plan has a maximum start altitude of 5000' MSL and no minimum finish altitude.

Un-zip the file and copy into the Condor\FlightPlans\User folder.

E-mail: Lake Placid Condor Scenery